Chasing Waterfalls

Off on a day trip we go - chasing waterfalls, well only one to be exact…..Steavensons Falls!

Snacks (tick)

Jackets (tick)

Blankets (tick)

Friends (tick)

Playlist (tick)

Camera (tick)

Now off we go, hubby, kids and friends.

Victoria has so many beautiful waterfalls, however on this day trip we decided to not travel too far, so off we headed to Steavensons falls in Marysville.

Pumping old school RnB (daggy I know but I can’t help myself - I just love it). Singing to all the songs kept us all cheerful on the drive up.

At Steavensons falls there are two walking paths. One is a short easy stroll to the base of the waterfall and the other is a more strenuous walk taking us to the top! Can you guess which path the kids chose? If you guessed the easy path you are INCORRECT ;P …..…The strenuous walk it was. It was worth the walk, the view was absolutely breathtaking and the fresh air was what we all needed.

Here are some quick snapshots I managed to capture during our walk