Children are blessings, they are the reason we wake up in the mornings and the reason we smile during the days.  They make us who we are today.

Being a mother of three older children, Kim understands the happiness felt when watching each child grow up and the sadness of them growing up way  too fast.  She knows how important it is to capture each milestone, each memory, each moment to hold in our hearts forever.

Her love of photography allows her to illustrate the little things in life that matter the most, the everyday magical moments that passes by so swiftly.  

One Acorn Photography aims to capture the essence of childhood,  along with moments of tears, laughter and silliness. 

With creative visions Kim will document each childs true spirited personality.  Kim will capture these images with her creative camera craft, providing her clients with precious memories to treasure for a lifetime.


The moment when your folding your little ones clothes only to realize that they’re clothes aints so little anymore