Up Up and Away!

Imagine spending most of your mornings flying over Melbourne!  Everyday would be a new adventure, a different sunset and new people to meet from all around the world.  Seriously how amazing would it be if your job was a hot air balloon pilot? 

Its not for everyone but for Nick, it has been his life long dream.  He's a pilot for #picturethisballooning.  The photos, the places and countries his been to, sunsets he's seen over the years and stories of his life as a pilot are incredible.  I could honestly listen to his stories for hours.

A few weeks ago, Nick was kind enough to take Justin and I on one of his hot air balloon adventures.  Lets just say that it was definitely worth waking up at 4.45am for!  Once we arrived at  the location where we would be taking off, it was pretty much all hands on deck to get the balloon ready for take off.  Floating up above the buildings there was so much to see...... people waving, excited school kids, beautiful landscapes and so much more.  Everything looks so different from a birds eye view! its incredible! And the best part was that no birds were injured during the flight!

It was truly an incredible adventure, one that hubby and I will treasure forever.

Thank you Nick


Ps Here are a few moments I caught on camera!