Will we ever be ready to let go!

A little project I worked on last year with my eldest son Matthew.  I enjoyed every minute creating this and I know that this will be treasured forever.....


Let me love you a little more, before you’re not little anymore!

I often think about the day when my children are all grown up, and begin a new chapter of their life, no longer as a child but as an adult ready to take on the world. How would I cope? How would I feel? Then I stop and tell myself it’s still a lifetime away and I relax and continue to enjoy the little moments once again...... Then just like that, my eldest son Matthew is on the cusp of adulthood and I find myself thinking about this once again.

Have I spent enough time teaching him to have the courage to overcome all obstacles life throws at him?
Have I spent enough time teaching him to be respectful, compassionate and kind to everyone he meets.

Have I spent enough time teaching him to have a grateful heart?
Have I spent enough time teaching him to believe in himself, to believe that he is able to achieve anything he sets his mind on?

And the list goes on.

Then I think about whether I have been good enough as a mother
Or whether I have done enough as a mother. Then I look at Matthew and I realize that although I am NOT perfect and that I’ve made my fare share of mistakes, I am enough- more than enough!

Although I still see the little boy he once was, I also see the incredible young man he has become and at that moment, I realize that Matthew will be OK.

So now my time has come, to let Matthew become the person he is destined to be, to allow him to write his own chapter and to continue his own amazing story....just as my parents once did for me.

So with this introduction, my title for this folio is ...... TITLE: Will we ever be ready to let go!

My project explores the emotions of a teenager on the cusp of adulthood. Reflecting on his childhood, finding courage to face his fears for his unknown future and celebrating his achievements along the way.

It also explores the raw emotions for me as a mother- facing my own pain and fears and learning how to finally let go.

So I’ll end this artist statement with this quote..... “Parenthood- the days are long, but the years are short”!